Thodoris Hronis

Thodoris Chronis was born in Kalamata where he grew up. When he was fulfilling his military duties in the Greek army, he moved and still lives in Athens.
During his military service, he trained and obtained a driver’s license, in all categories of vehicles. After being discharged from the army, he worked for several years in a large super market in the city. Initially in the grocery department. Then, related to cheese making, training, he took over as the manager of the cheese making department.
He then worked as a driver for an international transport company. However, his desire to be with his family more, made him decide to stop traveling and stay in Athens.
He worked in one of the biggest hotels in Athens in the transport department.
Immediately after, he was integrated into the Catering Delichef family, in the position of material and transport manager of the company. A very important position as in order to organize a perfect event, the corresponding material and the perfect equipment must be available on time.
Thodoris is very formal in his duties and likes to pay attention to every detail for the proper organization of events.
He always tells us with a smile “Our customers must always be satisfied with us, that’s why we make sure to be consistent!” Do not forget that the material is the property of the company. Just as we deliver it in perfect condition for every event, so should we return it to our company!”

Our team

Meet the team of Delichef Creative Catering

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Catering Manager
Theologia Stamatelatou
Assistant Catering Manager
Petros Xaveles
Thodoris Hronis
Material Manager & Transportation
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